4 Reasons Why Making Use of a Google Reviews Widget Makes Sense

Google Reviews

Widgets are intended to make things easier for consumers to find and review the information that they’re seeking. That’s one of the reasons why you could consider embedding a Google reviews widget on your website’s front page. Here are some of the benefits that will come from having the widget and making it easier to find reviews. 

Showcasing Some of Your Best Reviews

Google already makes it possible for consumers to leave reviews on business listings as well as company Google My Business profiles. With the aid of the widget, you can identify some of those best reviews and have snippets of them appear on your website’s front page. They can act as teasers that motivate readers to click over and read the full reviews. 

This strategy may be all it takes to convince the reader to move forward with a purchase. At the very least, it helps build more trust and increase your reputation in the eyes of those who see the reviews. That can only help your business in the years to come. 

Calling Attention to Specific Goods or Services

Reviews often include references to specific products or services that businesses offer. In your case, it would be great to use the widget as one way for consumers to learn first hand what others think of your services or goods, and whether those reviewers would buy them again. 

The good thing here is that the consumer may decide to give your products a try. If everything goes well, you could find yourself with another positive review that’s worth displaying.

Positive Impact on Search Engine Rankings

Search engines utilize all sorts of protocols to determine how pages are ranked. You may be surprised to learn that the use of widgets may enhance page rankings for you. Assuming that there is a steady flow of reviews and some consumers are accessing them from your pages, that creates value in the eyes of the search engine. The value in turn provides the reasoning to increase the page ranking. 

Keep in mind this is only one factor out of many that will influence the page rank. You will still need to pay attention to the other factors. Even so, adding this to the mix can be just what you need to move up a few slots. 

Increase Interest in Your Brand

People love well-written content, but they also love to read about the experiences of others. When you utilize a Google reviews widget to get those experiences in front of more people, you give them something that they want. In some cases, those reviews may be the final incentive they need to give your company a try. 

Keep in mind that most reviews are shareable. That means if a reader likes what they see, there’s a good chance it will be shared with others. That will also generate additional interest in your company and possibly lead to more sales. 

You have nothing to lose by including this type of widget on your pages. In fact, you could gain quite a bit. Give it a try for a couple of months and see what happens. The results may surprise you. 

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