5 Myths That Are Not Healthy For Digital Growth

Today, every other business, irrespective of its size and objectives are focusing on SEO to leverage its potentials. There’s no denying the fact that without a reliable SEO company, you won’t be able to address your customer requirements and increase traffic to your website. It is essential to find the best SEO company in India that can rightly hike up your search ranking.

SEO Myths That You Must Not Fall For

Though the prominence of SEO has become more evident than ever, there are some misconceptions still revolving to make things more challenging for the marketers. 

If you are new to the market and looking to adopt efficient practices from an SEO company, here are a few SEO myths that you must steer clear from. 

Site Speed is Not important

When it comes to ranking your page higher on the search engine, you can not expect to make profits with a slow loading site. You will lose some credible visitors right there. Though Google said that site speed is just a tiebreaker when other factors are at balance, it is also essential to think to increase your site speed time for increasing traffic

Links Are Not Relevant

Everyone is so engrossed in making content the sauce of SEO tactics that they have nearly forgotten about the relevance of links. With proper backlinking, you can increase the site visibility and mount up your search engine rankings. You need to understand that links and content are co-associated, so you cannot forget one and solely focus on the other. Also, the links must have legitimacy and relevancy; it must be natural and relevant to the page to make the most of its use. 

Keyword Density Are Not Valid Anymore

What do you think all the texts highlighted on the web pages or blogs are meant for? No matter how relevant and the top-rated keyword you choose to add on your site, if you do not focus on its density, it is simply irrelevant to use them. With more optimized keywords, you can increase your chances of better visibility.

You Have to Submit Your Site

There was a time when you need to submit your site on the search engine for crawling purposes. Still, SEO company sites might compel you to submit your site, but you need not to. Google is reformed and advanced enough to find your site not only the moment it is life but also when the domain is registered. 

No Need For A Sitemap

Sitemaps allow the Google crawler to steer through your pages when a search query is entered. Thinking that sitemaps are not necessary is straightaway foolishness. Both XML and HTML sitemaps are needed to get your pages indexed and ranked on Google. Ask your developer to create proper site maps that will help the SEO company. 

The Bottom Line

Every business needs SEO services, and you need to hire a reliable SEO company that can meet your requirements. Infidigit Consultants, in  Mumbai, can be the best bet for your SEO requirements. When you will relish its benefits, you will understand some myths that you must not fall for. work monitoring software is used to track the employee that they are working or not?

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