5 Reasons to Stop Using Cash and Switch to Cards

Switch to Cards

Cash has always been king, but in the current pandemic scenario, plastic money or cards are preferable. The currency notes that you have, may carry a lot of bacteria and viruses since it has changed many hands, thereby raising the risk of you getting infected. In contrast, no one has access to your credit card except you, thereby reducing the chances of contamination. Cards are also more convenient, simple to use, and highly safe. Also, you cannot carry huge amounts of cash without worrying about their safety. 

Let’s talk about some reasons as to why should you switch from cash to credit cards.


Credit cards are highly convenient and offer you spending power without having to carry around large amounts of physical money. 

Easy to carry, a credit card also offers you access to short-term credit thereby enhancing your ability to purchase or spend. And as long as you make the credit card bill payments on time, you do not have to pay any interest on the funds used.

Safe to Use-

A major drawback of using cash is the fear of losing it, especially huge amounts with no chance of replacement. In contrast, a credit card can easily be carried in your pocket and wallet, and in case you lose it, you can ask your bank to block it and issue a replacement.


A major reason you should switch to cards is the benefits that you get in terms of reward points. These points are issued when you use your credit cards for your purchases, hotel bookings, flight tickets, or online payment of bills and can be redeemed for cashback or attractive discounts on your future purchases. 

One may argue that several retailers offer discounts on cash payments too. Yes, it is true, but only in certain cases. Credit card reward points are available on most of your spending. Other perks of using credit cards include exclusive offers on movie tickets, hotel room upgrades, access to the airport lounge, and free travel insurance.

Helps to Build Credit Score

A credit score reflects your creditworthiness and is used as a reference by lenders. By using a credit card for your purchases and paying off the bills in time you can build a good credit score. However, if you are using cash to make all your purchases or fund other transactions, you are not building up your credit score.

Budgeting and Tracking Your Expenses

You may find it difficult to keep track of expenses incurred by you in cash unless you write them down regularly. However, when you use a credit card, your monthly statement will list out all the transactions undertaken by you thereby helping you to budget for the future. You can even ask your bank to send you alerts for all online credit card payments.

Credit cards offer several advantages but need to be used in a disciplined manner. You can keep credit card charges low by paying off the due amounts by the due date mentioned on your monthly statement.

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