5 simple features of the best net banking app

best net banking app

Net banking apps have made banking a much more convenient process. Banking has become a smooth and seamless user experience since mobile banking apps came into prominence. One can even complete an online account opening procedure on a few such apps. Earlier, to send money to a beneficiary, one had to visit the bank office, wait in a queue for their turn, and finally transfer money with the help of the bank’s employees. But now a banking app helps one skip these steps and directly transfer the money to the beneficiary. With time, such apps are becoming less sophisticated and thus, simpler to use. We will tell you about 5 simple features of such apps.

1. Simple login facility

The best net banking app makes signing in easier than other competing banking apps. It uses a biometric sign-in method to make the process easy for the bank’s client. A simple press of a finger on the fingerprint sensor of a smartphone or verification of one’s facial structure through the smartphone’s selfie camera is more than enough for the app to verify the identity of the user and grant them access to banking services.

2. Scan and pay facility

The best mobile banking app makes sending or paying money easier for people. With such an app, all one has to do is scan the QR code of a merchant or put the virtual payment address of the beneficiary in the app, set the payment amount, authorise the payment using a PIN, and press the pay button. The app then transfers money to the merchant or the beneficiary. This is the simplicity of transactions made through such an app.

3. An AI-based chatbot

No matter how simple the interface of the best net banking app is, one might find difficulty in figuring out the banking facilities. In such cases, the best banking app provides an AI-based chatbot to help one use its banking facilities. This bot helps them send money to a beneficiary, or contact a bank employee, or just apply for a cheque book or a credit card. It also helps them surf through the app, and understand its usability.

4. Provision for setting alerts and notifications

More often than not, one forgets to pay bills or deposit an SIP payment in a mutual fund portfolio or a Recurring Deposit fund. The best mobile banking app allows them to set alerts to pay the SIP payments on time. It also notifies them when utility bills like electricity bill, water supply bill, DTH recharge, home loan EMI, insurance premiums are due. It does this through alert messages, and app and email notifications.

5. Special rewards

To encourage bank clients to use its different services, the best banking apps give them rewards. When one shops on one such app, they get special limited time offers and coupons to save money while online shopping. They also save their money and efforts while booking flight or railway tickets. Such rewards entice people to use such apps for as many transactions as they can.

So, these are the 5 simple features of the best net banking app. Have a nice day!