Bridal Jewellery Inspirations


Bridal Jewellery is a dear collection every Indian woman holds on to with love and affection. Every single piece of bridal Jewellery speaks for itself – in different ways with different stories. They may be a simple drop earring design that you received as shagun or a heavy polki gold necklace design that your parents gifted. Not just Jewellery but even dresses, sarees, and a whole lot of other things that we shop or receive at our wedding are dropped in the “Dear-to-me” category.

Ever wondered from where the bridal Jewellery inspirations come from, or from where they are carved into beautiful designs? Read on to know.

Divinity Inspired

Lord Ganesha, Krishna, Goddess Lakshmi are some predominant divinity themes that bridal jewellery is made off. They ideally take the centre stage with either an oversized locket or a round mudrika form. The divinity themes usher a sacredness, bringing an auspicious factor to Jewellery and the bride who adorns them. These designs also come with complementing gold hanging earrings with smaller motifs of the gods and goddesses or in a matching design. The patterns embraced in this theme are paisley leaves, peacocks, elephants and other holy motifs. You can also find the most traditional Kasulaperu with Lakshmi Devi on embossed on each one of the Kasu in this theme.

Nature inspirations

The most common and very significantly found in Jewellery designs are the nature-inspired patterns. They are flowers, floral vines, leaves, floral bloom designs and a lot of other mundanely found nature hues. They are weaved into rich design followed by intricate craftsmanship making them an adornment of the elite. You can find these design patterns in lower weight and price ranges too. However, the bridal themed Jewellery is largely made with the bride and the occasion in mind. They are made in higher weight ranges with very minute detailing.

Workmanship Specialities

Whenit comes to bridal jewellery, apart from the overpopulated designs one cannot miss the workmanship. The latest are the Antique workmanship, temple, Pachi, and Kundan. Some of these are handmade where in Desi Karigars painstakingly work on each of the Jewellery pieces. Some of them take around 15-21 days for completion. They are heritage Jewellery that truly reflects Indian workmanship in all glory. These can be readily tagged as bridal for their beauty and quality craftsmanship. For those of you who are looking for bridal Jewelelry, it is worth bringing home at least a single unique workmanship piece to adorn at select ceremonies during the wedding. 

Modern vibes

Be it the grand Indian wedding ceremony or a poolside cocktail party the modern vibed Jewellery pieces are designed to meet both the ends. Oversized rings, pearl or ruby or emerald pota strands with an oversized locket, Latest Gold Chain for me that gently caress your shoulders, the 2-in-1s, 3-in-1s  that effortlessly detach to form a different kind of adornments are all part of this modern vibe baggage. They are customary yet contemporary, design populated yet minimal, abstract yet very real- a few examples are the gold lattice designed necklaces, hangings etc that carry an essence of modernity with them alongside fulfilling the adornment custom.

Taking a cue from a few of the above bridal inspirations designs, we only hope you bring back home a great heritage piece for yourself in sync with truckloads of beautiful memories.