Creative Ideas to Set up a Balcony Kitchen

Balcony Kitchen

Having a balcony at home no less than a boon. It is a beautiful gift that presents you with thousands of ideas to go creative for adding appeal to your home. One such great idea to make the best use of your balcony is to turn it into a kitchen. This is a trending concept in urban homes. Due to reducing apartment size, a lot of homeowners are adopting the trend of setting up a kitchen on the balcony.

A balcony kitchen has its own allure. Preparing meals and enjoying coffee under the open sky with family members and friends makes moments more special. So let’s explore some of the creative ideas for setting up a kitchen on the balcony.

1. Side Kitchen: 

To make the best use of your available balcony space, select the balcony set up design wisely. If your balcony has limited space, use recessed ceiling lights and side shelves and cabinets. Moreover, you can opt for dual-purpose furniture pieces like a cabinet door that doubles up as a table when needed. Alternatively, if your balcony is spacious you can opt to install an oven and barbeque grill for enjoying family gatherings. 

2.  L-Shaped Counter: 

Installing an L-shaped counter will make your kitchen sport an open look. This idea is quite impressive as it allows easy flow of fresh light into your space. Additionally, it enables the lingering food odor to escape without entering the home. The L-shaped counter is suitable for both large and small spaces.

3. Make it More like a Living Room: 

If you desire to have a relishing experience in your kitchen balcony then provide it a makeover like a living space. Deck it with chairs, couches, textured carpets, and cushions. This will transform your balcony kitchen into a fun hangout space. Along with cooking, you’ll be able to enjoy chilly winters and festivals with relatives and friends on your balcony.

4. Install BBQ Grill

Installing a barbeque grill on the balcony is a great idea to cook and enjoy mouthwatering BBQ recipes with your family. You can set up a BBQ grill on your balcony railing. This will open up opportunities for you to savor a lot of tasty BBQ dishes at home only.

5. Blend Work with Cooking: 

One of the smart ideas you can consider is to incorporate the kitchen and workspace together into the balcony. This will ensure considerable time saving as you’ll work and cook at the same time. Additionally, you’ll be saved from splurging on two renovation projects. These two in one will let you enjoy snacks simultaneously with work. 

6. Hang Pendant Lighting: 

Sitting on the balcony and enjoying meals with the spouse, what fun it is! Whether it is Valentine’s Day or someone’s birthday, a balcony kitchen in your home is just the right option to make things memorable. Moreover, hanging pendant light will take things to next level. It adds brightness to your balcony kitchen and will enhance its appearance. 

Don’t these ideas sound interesting? So when you are going to set up your balcony kitchen.