How Can App Clips Help Your Business Acquire More Customers

App Clips

To sustain in the market, you need to show off what you have with you. This logic works when it comes to mobile app development. Mobile apps are the crucial tools to connect with the customers and vice versa but among 5 million applications, having a lot of app options confuses users to pick the right and best one. 

Thus, in order to make your app unique, several things are required and taken into consideration by every leading mobile app development company. To make things even better, the app development firms need to come up with innovative techniques, great programming languages, top tech stacks, and others. 

Hence, iOS, Android app developers to others have to be sure of what new things are coming into the market related to apps and how to use it for more proficiency.

Other than new techniques, keeping a track of new guidelines, systems, systems being added by the OS firms is also important. Hence, not keeping a track of even the smallest of things can cost you a lot in terms of- cost, mobile app maintenance, errors, bugs and etc. 

Keeping everything in mind and analyzing the market, user demand, there is a concept highly used by app development agencies- i.e- App Clips.

Before understanding how app clips can help your business gain more customers, let us quickly have a look at what is app clips.

What is app clips?

App clips allow users to access and experience what the app offers- it is like a mini version of the app. As it is the small clip of the whole application, it can be easily discoverable whenever it is required. 

The clips are lightweight, fast, and can be opened by the users anytime quickly. The access to the app clip can be made within seconds even if ordering something, connecting an appliance, or anything. Once the user is done using the app, the app can be showcased to the user with the full download opportunity. 

Attending to the definition of app clips, let us now come to the main point- How app clips can make businesses gain more consumers. 

So, let’s get started- 

App clips for gaining more customers 

1. For restaurants

Encouraging users to download your restaurant or cafe based app actively is the toughest job but not impossible. However, on the other hand, it becomes easy for users to eliminate so many hurdles like standing in a queue, pre-booking, booking on dates, and so on. 

Also, just to check if users are showing interest in the app, the restaurant can swiftly insert an app clip into its respective website, encouraging users to order or pick meals using the website’s banner and Apple Pay Integration. Other than that, with the app clip, users can order and pick meals while enjoying the restaurant’s food on-site getting delivery information about the table with just printed QR code on table cloth. 

This way, users won’t be required to download the application for using the whole app, however, for using the best of app’s experience, encouraging users for the whole app download will not be difficult then!

2. For retail

With app clips, smartphone users can be turned into a potential customer, who can then drop-in to the store, scan the code, and drop out without the need for downloading the whole app or looking for credit card payment modes. 

App clips make users visiting the retail store perform all steps of the checkout on their own.

3. For transportation

As users these days carry digital cash with them, it is difficult for people who don’t use hard cash for making the transportation, taxi service payment. In such a situation, an NFC tag near to the entrance or a scan code can aid in making payment.

Other than that, the codes are capable of sending official about any accident, or incident, delivering the whole information about a location can be easily made. Passing of information is simpler with code scanning. 

4. For advertising

Marketing, advertising can be easily made by enabling users to pay instantly for a service or subscribe to it. 

Advertising can be strategically done with outdoor posters integrated with codes not just for AR-based reality but also for initiating instant conversion. This way, users can directly listen to an advertised song or see an advertised video he or sees right at the moment. 

These are a few ways through which app clips can effectively help a business to gain more customers while systematically encourage them to download the whole app for accessing more features and functionality. 

This way, adding a simple app clip look to the website will help businesses to encourage users for accessing the app’s core features by downloading the whole app. However, always ensure that the app clip version of the app is great enough to look at and use.