How to take care of refrigerators?

take care of refrigerators

Refrigerators are big lifesavers in our life! They are one of the most essential home appliances in today’s date without which it is not easy to survive. This home appliance is expensive, although a good investment to make on a refrigerator that is going to work for years to come. So once you make up your mind to buy a good refrigerator, how are you going to take care of it? 

If you are purchasing any home appliance, you need to ensure that proper care is being taken in addition to getting it set up at the right place. The appliance also needs to be used only for what is bought for. 

As says, your refrigerator is that appliance which needs to work 24*7. Hence, your hardworking home appliance needs to have a routine set to it so that it can work well and keep you healthy and happy! So here is what you should do.

Let us divide the maintenance into yearly wise. Now every home appliance is required to have monthly maintenance, once in three months maintenance and yearly maintenance. Here are some things that require once in every month maintenance. Here are the monthly maintenance tips:

Always empty the ice

Ice has the power to absorb any kind of odors in the freezer and then they form some solid blocks in the bottom of the ice tray. Thus, to make sure that the ice is fresh and loose and smells normal, you need to empty all the ice and wash the ice tray so that you can start to make fresh ice. 

Always, you can put a box of baking soda that absorbs the entire odor in the freezer. This can help in saving energy and making sure that your ice is fresh and ready. 

Once in Three Months Maintenance

This is when you get to look at the different refrigerator parts. Observe that this kind of maintenance is synchronized with different seasons. Thus, this is when you inspect every part of the refrigerator and check for any repairs. 

Yes, there are seasonal appliance repair services available and all you need to do is to check for those. So, if we are talking about the door gasket, it can get dirty in three months! You need to make sure the gasket is clean because this part of the refrigerator is helping the door to close tightly to provide maximum refrigeration. 

If the grime from the gasket, it can perform more efficiently. If at all the seals become loose, you can replace the embedded magnets. That should be either replaced or you can get them re-magnetized. 

If that is not all, you can do the remonetizing yourself and all you need to do is to make sure you run a magnet along the sides of the gasket for about 50 times. Then, your job here is done!

Next, get your hands on condenser coils. Have you ever looked at the back of your fridge? These condenser coils help to cool and condense the refrigerant while releasing the heat. However, if the condenser coils are not clean, then they put the compressor part of the refrigerator into stress and make it overwork. Here, you are wasting more energy than required. 

To curb this, make it a point to clean your condenser coils regularly. If you are unable to reach those hard places of the coil, then you can do it with a coil brush that comes for quite an affordable price. If you are having pets that shed their outer skin layers, then the cleaning coils need to be a monthly routine. 

Leveling Your Refrigerator

Quite often, it so happens that the base of the refrigerator is not levelled up. They keep dancing side to side or either back to front while closing and opening the door. This will affect the appliance performance as the doors won’t close properly and also it can cause a strain on the motors. Hence, get a refrigerator stand to level the appliance. 

Twice An Year Maintenance: Water Filter Replacement

To make sure that the water in the refrigerator is all clean and working fines, you need to replace the filter. You can either do it yourself or call for the appliance repair and maintenance services. You can have a contract with them so that they come twice in a year to take care of your fridge repairs. If you are doing this by yourself, then make sure that you run the water on the carbon residue on the filter that you pull out. 


These are some of the maintenance tips that can take care of the refrigerator and keep it from working well for a long to come. Always makes sure that you are covering your food while storing it in the fridge.