Interesting Dog Facts You May Not Know

Dog Facts

Dog lovers already know what great companions their furry friends make. These animals are loyal and protective and love being a part of the family. But there might be a lot that you don’t know about your dog. Below are some fun and interesting facts about ‘man’s best friend:

  • A dog’s sense of smell is around 40 times better than a human’s. Dogs can pick up many more smells than we can because they have more smell receptors. They have even been known to pick up scents up to twelve miles away. This explains why dogs are usually used to sniff out drugs and cadavers. Some dogs can even be trained to pick up the scent of specific medical conditions or to alert their owner to the fact that they need to take their medication. 
  • A dog’s nose is unique, like a human’s fingerprint. No two dogs have the same nose pattern; there is even an app that allows owners to scan their dog’s nose pattern. This could then be used to reunite dogs with their owners. 
  • Dog’s also have better hearing than humans do. Dogs can identify higher pitched sounds than humans and can hear up to four times farther. Their super hearing is what makes them the perfect companion for rescue service personnel. Their sense of smell and hearing combined allows them to find trapped survivors. 
  • Dogs can run extremely fast, and most are capable of outrunning humans. But the greyhound is the fastest dog of all and can run up to 35mph The folk at Voyager Harness say that it makes sense to use a dog harness attached to a leash when taking a greyhound for a walk!
  • Dogs only sweat through their paws. But because their paws are quite small, they cannot cool down sufficiently in this way when they are hot. This is why they pant and why it is important that they are kept cool when the temperatures are high. 
  • Dogs are often more aggressive when out for walks with men. A dog is much more likely to show aggression or bite another dog if a man is holding the leash. This is because they react to the posture and behavior of those around them. 
  • Dogs can dream. Dogs have been known to move their legs when asleep as though they are running. They might also twitch or bark while sleeping, and scientists believe that they dream in a similar way to humans. 
  • Dogs have the same intelligence as two-year-old child. When comparing the intelligence of dogs, scientists discovered that they are capable of learning around 150 words and gestures, which is the same as an average two-year-old. However, dogs are much easier to train than children, which is why they are often used by humans for a variety of jobs. Dogs work with police officers, military personnel, and are also essential as companion dogs for those with disabilities. 
  • The largest dog ever recorded was a mastiff called Zorba, who measured over eight feet from nose to tail and weighed 343 lbs! The smallest dog was a Chihuahua named Miracle Milly, measuring 3.8 inches in height and weighing just one pound. 
  • Puppies cannot hear when they are born. Furthermore, despite what many people think, dogs are not colorblind. 

So, there you have it. Some fun and interesting facts about dogs that you may or may not have known.