Introducing Essay Writing for Kids

Essay Writing for Kids

When we buy ice cream for children and ask them how it is, they will go on to tell why they like or dislike it by comparing it with other flavors and ice cream manufacturers. Writing an essay can be understood from this perspective as it is a piece of content where the writer expresses what they feel or think about the topic. But children may not enjoy writing, and we will be in a fix to get them started with writing essays. 

At a young age itself, children are expected to practice writing essays to improve their overall vocabulary and writing skills. We give simple topics such as family, favorite books or memorable days of life to our little ones. But the topics range from the zoo, friendship, hard work and pollution to famous personalities like Mother Teresa, APJ Abdul Kalam and Mahatma Gandhi essay as they climb to higher classes. So, we must keep our children interested in essay writing. Let us explore how to make children fall in love with essays.

Tips to Develop Interest in Essay Writing

As young kids are fond of playing, getting them into the habit of writing can be an arduous task. And if we cannot inspire them to write essays at the beginning itself, it will become even harder later. Since children cannot escape from the activity of essay writing, it is better that we make the process of writing simpler for them. Although it is not easy to acquire the desired skills in them, we can upgrade the skills slowly through constant practice and patience. Here are some tips that you can follow to stir their interest in writing.

  • Present a colourful journal to children and ask them to record the day’s events in it. In this way, they will learn to frame short sentences and paragraphs as they write about their experiences and thoughts.
  • Encourage children to add interesting events to the journal. By doing so, we can tackle the repetitive content and boredom that children might experience while reading the journal.
  • Once children are aware of the basics of writing, give them a topic of their choice to write the essay. It will be easy for them to write on familiar topics, and we can increase the difficulty level after they become experts in writing simple essays.
  • Have a healthy discussion on the events that are happening around them. This will build the general awareness of children, and they will be able to think and write clearly on various general topics.
  • Inspire them to read more and more as they will be able to write only if they have knowledge on certain subjects and they get knowledge from reading. 

Benefits of Essay Writing

Essay writing takes children to another level of creativity, and hence, we must inculcate this habit in them early on. Apart from enhancing their grasp of spoken and written language, essay writing enables them to think about the topic from a much broader perspective. They will also be able to articulate their thoughts and ideas well. Moreover, they will be able to gain knowledge on different topics, which will fuel their learning process.

Children are prone to make grammatical mistakes and structural errors at the beginning of their writing journey. But as the proverb says, practice makes a man perfect. Along with developing their vocabulary, we can see how their language skills will improve significantly while they write an essay. It also empowers them to think critically and creatively, as well as instils research skills in them. To further support kids’ learning and explore a wide range of essay topics, stories and poems, visit BYJU’S website.