Is pursuing PhD after MBA the right choice?

PhD after MBA

People who have a keen interest in studies, who launch their resource books or papers, or are very dedicated towards the education sector, prefer to pursue post higher degrees to gain as much knowledge they can from a career point of view. Going for PhD after MBA is a great career option. People who prefer to do PhD after MBA has a great inner motivation for contributing towards the education sector. People generally go into the career line after they have completed their MBA and consider it as their last educational insight. 

PhD helps you to gain a holistic overview of the nuances that you want to research upon. When you have studied so much in your life you’re not only confident about yourself but you also gain knowledge about how and why regarding everything that your text says. Being a part of PhD is all about the inquisitiveness that an individual has for his education.

 For a person who wants to pursue a PhD, he needs to have either three years bachelor’s degree and two years post-graduation degree or four years bachelor’s degree while some follow the prospect of the percentage one needs to have in their master’s or bachelor’s degree. Let us have a look at the major factors of pursuing PHD after MBA – 

1. Eligibility Criteria 

People are very fond of education nowadays; they want to pursue every higher degree possible in their education sector. For pursuing PhD after MBA, one supposedly needs to have an MBA degree and along with that m a good score in the CAT exam or any other comprehensive exam recommended as per the rules and guidelines of a particular institution. Some universities which are very renowned or professional in the sector look for an MBA degree, CAT score as well as GATE or UGC NET score. So the eligibility criteria depend upon the universities that you choose. But these are the basic criteria that every other institution follows.

2. Duration of PhD after MBA

People are generally confused with the duration of PhD after they have pursued MBA, as per the universities the duration of a PhD lasts from 3 to 5 years. The exact duration completely depends upon the course and the education sector that you are into but it would range somewhat between 3 to 5 years not longer than that.

3. Subjects to be choose

Another question that arises in the minds of individuals is in which subject or area they should pursue a PhD so that it is beneficial to them from a career point of view. Marketing, human resource management, accounting, economics, finance, leadership are the top-ranking sectors in PhD. One can always go for the subjects of their choice. 

So, this was a brief lookout that pursuing a Ph.D. after MBA is a smart choice. It is not only going to widen up your horizons of knowledge but will make you grow higher in your field. Therefore, if you want to explore the academics and research arena, go for this choice.