Life as a medical student, Things you really need to know

Life as a medical student

A career in the Medical field is tough and the life of a medical student is not easy.! As medical aspirants, you will go through these phrases once you have decided to choose a career in the medical field. Being a medical student you will have to work harder than you’ve ever thought of in your life. It is also interesting and highly rewarding. If you are pursuing MBBS in Ukraine, Russia, the Philippines, Bangladesh, or any foreign country, you can have some more interesting and different experiences altogether.

We’ve rounded up a few things every medical student need to know to make the most of their medical school experience;

You will be aware of the latest medical researches

For students who are really inquisitive about biology , studying medicine could be a great opportunity as you’ll be on the brink of the frontier of current scientific knowledge, beyond what was found in textbooks. You have to be actively involved in lectures once you find that particular field interesting and also it is part of your job to stay up to date with the latest advances and researches that are going on in that area. Therefore, through the latest medical research, you can learn things well before they are published in textbooks and you will be aware of the latest and relevant research papers.

Sleepless nights aren’t Limited to Medical

Speaking of sleepless nights, many medical students are notorious for pushing their limits, studying at early hours in the morning or studying till late at night. But don’t expect that after graduating you will leave those sleepless nights behind. Especially in the Medical field, working overnight is part of the deal.

You will make some closest friends while studying medicine

Not only studies but also make sure to make some good friends at university. It’s not necessary that they have to be from the medical field, you will meet many other people but medics do seem to end up hanging around together and start discussing what happened in the lectures, or how you found your last week’s practical. In a way, it has its own advantages like reminding yourself about what happened in the lecture earlier, or sometimes it’s just a light-hearted discussion about which lecturer makes it very hard to stay awake!

You will be a distinct person once you graduate from medical college

Medical school is intensive and rigorous, every moment your stamina and determination will be tested. There will be late-night studies, and you can expect several overnight shifts during your residency. All of the hard work and sleepless nights will only help you with passion and determination throughout your entire career.

You start feeling you are “diagnosed” with every disease you know

It is reported that the psychological condition among medical trainees sometimes experiences the symptoms of the disease or diseases they are studying.

Students will start having “Medical Students Syndrome” also stated by many other names including ‘Medical Students’ Disease,’ ‘Medical Student Disorder’ & so on. Well, be prepared before you start practicing since you have a long way to go!

Most of your peers will be intelligent

In every medical university, there will be a selection of limited people being both capable and hard working. This may sometimes result in making you feel low. Remember that the people you are comparing yourself with are some of the top students in the country and as such, but you should not be disheartened if some of them are better than you. You will meet plenty of other medical students at the same level as you are and are making the most out of university to develop themselves as a person, not just as a student.

You’ll never be fully prepared

It’s a never-ending process, you won’t be able to learn everything in medical school, even after studying for all those years, training, and preparation. It is a field that will keep you on your toes, filled with unexpected situations. But you can’t possibly be prepared for every scenario, so your ability to think on and act accordingly under pressure in each scenario will serve you well.

There are many more things that every medical student will experience while studying MBBS in Russia, Ukraine, the Philippines, Germany, Bangladesh or any other country. Studying and Adventure may not seem to go together, but the truth is that medical school is likely to become one of your life’s greatest adventures, it’s the path towards personal and professional fulfillment.