Movies That Show You the Best of France

Everyone who has set their eyes on the blessed lands of France has found themselves falling inexplicably in love with it. There’s just something about it. It calls out to you, inviting you to explore its depths. For those of us more than ready to heed its call and head out on the first flight there, take out time to first learn more about it. These movies are a great source of knowledge and will ensure you don’t make any faux pas when you get there. So without further ado, let’s get into it.

La Vie En Rose

No mention of French music is complete without the celebrated Edith Piaf. Her most famous song ‘La Vie En Rose’ can be found playing on accordion throughout the streets of Paris which is sure to make one curious about the musician herself. The soulful music has a story to tell and this movie helps you learn exactly what it is as you follow the life Piaf led. Born amid World War I, to struggling parents, one an artist and the other an acrobat, her early childhood pretty much passed in chaos. She grew up with her paternal grandmother, a madame of a brothel, and later joined a travelling circus with her father. Battling addiction, abuse and sickness, she fought against all odds and rose to eternal fame. As you watch her story unfold, you’ll see the history of France unfold with it.

An American in Paris

With this movie, you get to explore Paris post World War II. Jerry Mulligan is an American soldier working his paintbrushes trying to make a living. One evening while at a party, he comes across a beautiful French girl whom he soon finds himself falling in love with unaware that she is the girlfriend of one of his acquaintances. What ensues is a troublesome love triangle that has your eyes glued to the TV set. Equal parts romantic and funny, this musical is a great source of entertainment for sure! You’ll find yourself falling in love with the places you see and the people you meet in this Old Hollywood hit. 

Les Intouchables

This movie is about two men from contrasting worlds who develop a deep bond that changes their lives forever. Based on a true story, this film follows the life of extremely wealthy quadriplegic, Philippe, who is searching for a live-in caregiver. Driss isn’t interested in the job but shows up for the interview to ensure he continues receiving social benefits, and despite his lack of interest and his criminal record that should be concerning, Philippe hires him. As Driss gets acquainted with how the rich live he begins appreciating the finer things in life. Philippe on the other hand learns to live his life to the fullest from his new friend.


Paris in the 1930s was a sight to behold and in Hugo you get to see it in all its grandiose. 

Hugo has no family, except for his uncle. Living in the walls of a train station he must maintain all the clocks there. While he is punctual with the responsibility put on him and performs well, his interest lies in the notebook his dad left him. As he unravels the mystery with the help of his beret-clad friend, you see the technology of the time and of course, all the movie magic!

Funny Face

This Audrey Hepburn film is a must-watch for all fashion lovers. Released in 1957, this movie has only gotten better with time. An NYC photographer comes across a bookstore employee Jo Stockton, played by Audrey. Captivated by her beauty and her potential in modeling, he convinces her to go to France with him. As you follow her journey, you get to see just why France is termed the fashion capital. 

Julie and Julia

Another great movie that shows you the loved NYC and France, this movie explores the art of French cooking. Julia Child is a famed cook and as you follow her story in the past, so do you follow the story of Julie Powell in the present. Driven by the goal to cook all of Julia’s 524 recipes she puts her all in it and begins a blog to document her adventures. With this movie, you get to enjoy not only the sights France has to offer but also its cuisine that you should make it a point to try.

Final Words

So, ready to immerse yourself in the French culture and history? I know we can’t wait! What’s more, the more you binge the more you’ll feel like you’ve teleported there. So go ahead and this weekend and lose yourself in the beauty of France. Just make sure you have a good cable connection like Silver TV that can keep up with your entertainment demands. With this you’ll be able to find all the movies you want with ease!

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