Signs and Remedies of a Blocked Drain

Blocked Drain

From time to time, we have always been told healing progresses with time, but for blocked drains, time can cause severe and costly damage. That’s why same-day trades advise their clients to act on any blocked drains as soon as possible. That said, what you should look out for to ascertain you have a blocked drain.

This article will highlight the signs, whether you can fix them yourself, and when it’s best to call a plumber in perth.

Stinking smell

Most blockages are caused by organic matter that has accumulated over time and decomposes. That’s why a sure sign of a blocked drain is the foul smell which gets worse when you pour water.

Water draining slowly

It’s pretty uncomfortable having water rising up your feet as you take a shower, this means that the drain is at least partially blocked. Sinks and toilets can also show signs of blockages when the water is draining slowly or not draining at all.

Unfamiliar Sound

When you flush a toilet or open a tap, the water should run smoothly without any sound. However, if the drains are blocked, you will hear a gurgling sound which indicates air trapped in the pipes and more so if you get the earlier signs.

Rising water

Same day trades advise that if you notice water rising in the toilet after opening a tap or after flushing water rises in the shower, then that’s another sign of a blocked drain.

Rising of water in external drainages

You may notice when you use the toilet, sink, or shower; the water rises from the external drains or manhole.  Only check these manholes on the outside. Do not enter as this is a safety hazard because of the fumes and bacteria.

Next step

Most times, we try to get a remedy before calling in an expert. In such cases, you can follow the following steps.

Use a plunger

If the blocked drain is only occurring in one area, such as the bathroom or kitchen, it can be fixed easily. The shower is blocked with soap and hair in most homes, while kitchen sinks have food residues. If that’s the case, then fill the sink with water, take a plunger, and press, then pull on the drain rapidly for about half a minute. Same day trades recommend you go on plunging if the water drains slowly, but if it drains quickly, then you have cleared the blockage. For a stubborn blockage, use a small quantity of baking soda, pour a cupful of white vinegar, and continue plunging.

Check the drains outside.

If you notice all the fixtures in the house have blocked signs, then the problem is the drains outside the home. If you still want to DIY, get a pair of gloves, draining rods, and appropriate clothing.

First, remove the drain cover by removing the screw or pull on the handle. If that doesn’t work, take a rope, tie on the handle and pull. Peep inside and see if the chamber has water. If it does, the blockage is beyond the chamber, but if empty, the backup is located somewhere else.

When you locate the blockage, get your draining rods and push through as you rotate them in a clockwise motion. As you do so, the jam will be broken and finally flow away. To make sure there is no more blockage, pour a good amount of water down the drain.

Some cases need professional help, and it’s advisable to get one that is experienced to avoid unnecessary expenses and time wastage. Same day trades have professional plumbers who offer quality services.