Small Paint Jobs That Can Give Your House A Facelift

Renovating a house

Renovating a house – as alluring it may sound, you cannot ignore the fact that this task needs a lot of money, time, and effort. And that is not possible every other year. 

So what should you do to give a new touch to old walls? How to amplify the look of your home without spending a fortune? If these questions are bothering your mind, you have reached the right place.

In this article, we are going to unveil some easy yet effective ways you can give your house a facelift. These small paint jobs will not just give a fresh look to your house but will also save your time and money. Read till the end to get the best of ideas!

1. Paint The Doors

There is no doubt that wall paints are essential but even doors can make or break the whole look of your home. So, when you notice that your door paint is chipping, got dust or has any scratches, take the paint brush and repair it soon. 

You can also repaint the doors and watch an instant transformation. In case, you cannot paint all the doors, try to at least paint the front door of your home. It will make sure that your house’s first impression is a lasting one. 

2. Repair The Bathroom

Bathroom repairing is something that comes far earlier than revamping your house. The reason? Regular moisture, dust, harsh chemicals from cleaning products, and regular usage make it more prone to chipped paints and damp walls. 

Luckily, the bathroom space is smaller and hence needs little time and paint to get repaired. Try opting for waterproof paints to make sure that the walls stay safe from water leakage. Check the Asian paints price list and choose one that suits your budget. 

3. The Baseboards’ Revamp

Baseboards get neglected the most. They get damaged a lot by objects, furniture and also collect a lot of dust and debris. A simple paint job, however, can work wonders on them. 

Start by painting the baseboard of one room at a time. But do not forget to clean them first to remove the dust. Also, tape up the walls to avoid staining the walls. When you are done with the paint job, you will be surprised to see the difference!

4. Wall Stencils To Transform Interiors

Thanks to wall stencils, you do not need to paint all of your wall to make it look new and stylish. There are plenty of wall stencil designs that range from floral prints to geometrical designs that can give a fresh makeover to your interior walls. 

To ensure a premium look and smooth finish, you can buy any interior texture paint and renovate your walls without spending a fortune.

5. Exteriors Are Important

Painting the interiors walls is a big job but that is not the case with exterior walls. Just the right shades in the paint bucket and you can give a stunning transformation to your home. It will also improve your house’s first impression and make it look the best in your neighbourhood. 

While you can do this paint job yourself, hiring a professional painter will yield better results and lesser mess. 

The Takeaway

These small paint jobs can work magic if done right. The team at Aapka Painter has years of experience in handling paint renovations. From helping you select the best shade to offer professional paint services, they are a one-stop-shop for all that can give your house the perfect look. 

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