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CAE Course

CAE Course

Upskill Yourself With the Best CAE Course In Bangalore

The demand for computer-aided engineers has increased in the India and global job market. Top companies like Siemens, Genesis, etc., hire CAE and offer lucrative packages in India. According to the Ambition Box, a computer-aided engineer In India has an annual salary of 5 Lakhs. Your chances of getting selected for a high-profile job increase when you have relevant skills and certification. If you want to upskill yourself as a CAE engineer, look for the best CAE course in Bangalore. In this writeup, we will be talking about the basic and advanced concepts in detail.

Common Job Responsibilities & Duties Of CAE Engineer

Computer-aided engineering is the term used to describe the entire product engineering process. It involves designing, planning, manufacturing and virtual testing. The role and responsibilities also depend on the experience and training of CAE engineers. Here are the common job responsibilities of a CAE engineer:

  • Understand customer requirements for product design.
  • Develop engineering design in CAE software.
  • Participate in design review meetings.
  • Maintains records of product design in the database.
  • Develop alternative design solutions.

Details Of Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) Post-Graduate Program

To fulfil the above responsibilities as a Computer Aided Engineer, you need the best CAE course in Bangalore. Skill-Lync provides a post-graduate program in CAE that covers basic and advanced concepts of computer-aided engineering. 

The National Skill Development Corporation approves it and includes practical training in industry-relevant CAE software. It is also one of the best embedded system courses in Pune. You will learn product design, development, analysis, and more in detail during the post-graduate program.

Key Highlights Of the CAE Post-Graduate Program

The post-graduate program in CAE is perfect for graduate engineers as it covers the basic and advanced concepts in detail. Here are the highlights of the best CAE course in Bangalore:

  • It covers the terminology behind the Finite Element Analysis (FEA), Quality check, Macro Generation, 1D, 2D & 3D meshing in detail.
  • CAE post-graduate program also includes cleaning and extraction techniques of geometries and mid-surface.
  • Modules on aircraft cabin interior stress analysis, FE modelling of the galley and different testing processes.
  • It also includes practicals on crash simulation, product designing, and virtual testing.

You can visit the Skill-Lync courses section to get detailed information on each of the modules of this comprehensive program in CAE.

Benefits Of Pursuing CAE Post-Graduate Program

In the engineering career, you must consistently work on your skill to get your dream job. It is also true in Computer Aided Engineering (CAE), in which competition gets tougher daily. Today, big companies hire CAE engineers with advanced skills and CAE certification. Pursuing the best CAE course in Bangalore will give you an extra edge along with the relevant knowledge and skills needed to succeed as a CAE engineer. Here are the top benefits of pursuing a postgraduate program in CAE:

  • A hands-on experience in tools like ANSA, Hypermesh, LS-DYNA, and more.
  • Wider career opportunities as CAE analyst, CAE durability engineer, and CAE automation engineer.
  • Approved with National Skills Development Corporation.
  • Chances of applying for senior CAE roles.
  • Placement support

Enrol In CAE Post-Graduate Program On Skill-Lync

There are immense growth opportunities as a CAE engineer, but only if you complete the CAE course from a trusted institute. Skill-Lync offers this comprehensive program that covers basic and advanced concepts with practicals. It is the perfect program if you are looking for long-term growth in the CAE industry. Enrol in CAE post-graduate program now!