Tips to Find the Best Property Agent in Delhi for you

Best Property Agent

Interested in buying a property in Delhi? Congratulations on this awesome decision. However, before buying a property visit Kamal Housing, there are many important factors that you must know. Legal formalities, land inspections, clearance certificates – such a hectic job. 

However, if you want to get everything done seamlessly, it’s best to hire a property agent in Delhi. But confused about choosing the right property agent that can guide you? Don’t worry. Here are some tips to find the best property agent in Delhi for you.

Seek Referrals from your Relatives or Acquaintances 

The first thing to do before finding the best property agent in Delhi for you is to talk to your acquaintances or relatives who know these matters. If not your relatives or close ones, a co-worker who has recently bought a property can help you with valuable suggestions.

The most important thing that you are looking for in your property consultant is genuineness. Thus, it is a plus point when someone who has already bought a property through him or her sends you the referral.

Talk to a Financing Company (Informal Opinion)

Although this is an informal opinion and varies from one person to another, you can talk to your financing company. Since they are quite experienced in handling different clients and property agents, they can suggest a property consultant in Delhi. However, you should remember that it depends completely on the company whether they are willing to assist you or not.

Check and Research on the Internet

A quick search on the internet with the query “best property agent in Delhi near me” will list hundreds if not thousands of property agents. You can easily select some of the top-ranking ones from that extensive list. However, before finalizing a property consultant, research thoroughly and don’t forget to check the user reviews.

Talk to at least 2 or more Property Consultants

Selecting the very first property agent in Delhi that you can find is the biggest mistake that one can make. We suggest you have face-to-face meetings with at least 2 or more property agents.

Discuss important matters with them such as their certifications and experiences. Be honest and tell them your property needs and seek their suggestions. You can easily understand the differences between the agents and their methods of work. This will let you choose the property consultant that best suits your needs. 

Compare Commissions and Perform Background Checks

One of the most crucial things to consider while finding the best property agent in Delhi is to compare their commissions. As a thumb rule, property agents charge ~2% of the property value.

However, this value may differ from one location to another and also from one agency to the other. Thus it is best to have an upfront discussion with the property consultants related to commissions and other charges. 

Compare the rate of commission and the services from your shortlisted property agents. Choose the one that best suits your budget.

Choose the Best Property Agent in Delhi

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