Top Networking Companies Workflow During the Covid 19 Situation

Amazon Web Services

Computer networking is the ability to connect computing devices to other devices such as cameras and doorbells and share resources. Although Covid-19 broke down the economy and stopped people from going out and seeing their family and friends, one thing that kept us together was computer networks. Some of the biggest companies have been providing us with networking products and resources to keep us connected and keeping our businesses running. 

The Top Networking Companies 


CISCO is the leader in network security, routers, switching, cloud computing and more. They focus on cyber skills and aim to make the UK a safe place to be online. They have even worked with the police and gave them training on cyber security. Furthermore, they provide certifications for those who want to progress in their career in this area such as the CCNA. These tools can be very useful within business management, it has allowed small businesses to keep connected with their employees. This has been especially useful since many people had to start working from home during Covid-19. They made a mission to enhance business resiliency and ensure that employees can work from anywhere and still stay safely connected. 

Furthermore, Cisco Webex has helped students continue learning with classrooms and meetings.

Its safe to say that Cisco has not been underworked during Covid-19.

Amazon Web Services

AWS is also a very popular company when it comes to networking resources. They support remote learning and working, Amazon WorkMail and cloud computing. Cloud commuting has millions of active users and thousands of partners. The cloud is one of the most secure computing environments and many businesses requiring this level of security use it.


IBM also offers Watson Media for educational video streaming. Furthermore, they have the IBM cloud which is useful for business management and IBM security.

Networking Courses

Networking is a fast-growing industry and it has become particularly useful during Covid-19. The demand for jobs in this area is high. The College of Contract management offers various networking courses. These can help you progress into a network engineer or another area of IT. It would be a smart move to start thinking about a career in this area. 

The CCNA Programme is certified by Cisco, which can consequently allow you to complete more qualifications certified by them. With this course you will learn how to pass your CCNA exams.  

Networking Post Covid

Businesses may continue to use these networking tools after Covid 19. For some, working from home as proven more effective for many. However, networking systems do not come without their problems and systems have been tested more than ever. There are problems with employees logging into systems from offsite locations and multiple devices. There is a long way to go with making these systems work efficiently. The challenge is to develop these networking strategies, and this will be the work in networking for the foreseeable future. Due to these challenges and progressions that will have to be made, it is a great time to take a CCNA course and become a part of a challenging industry.