What are the various techniques of massage therapy?

massage therapy

Depending on your demands, massage therapy Cambridge incorporates a number of different therapeutic modalities. What are they, though? Here are some of the most popular strategies, tactics, and advantages.

1. Effleurage method

Unsurprisingly, this method uses very light strokes. The hands are placed side by side and are flat on the torso.

This method is frequently employed as a bridge between two other techniques or at the start and end of a massage.

2. Applied pressure

This is used to unwind the body and relieve pressure points of stress.

The palm, thumbs, and area between the index finger and thumb are only a few of the regions of the hand that are used to apply pressure. Certain massage techniques can use the elbows and feet in addition to the hands.

3.  Rubbing

Rubbing massages are used to treat muscles, and joints, and to promote lymphatic and blood circulation.

Untying knots and easing muscle soreness are the goals of this kind of deep-tissue massage. Targeting particular locations, the technique delivers pressure by moving the thumbs in circular motions.

4. Kneading

Another deep tissue technique for calming the muscles and promoting circulation is kneading. It eases pain, pains, and tension. Typically, it is incredibly pleasant and deeply calming. The trapezius muscles, which are situated between the neck and shoulders, are frequently the focus.

The thumbs, fingers, and heels of the hands of the therapist move in opposing directions. Direct pressure is used to exert more force on the muscles, which causes them to contract beneath the skin and alleviate tension.

5. Tapping massage

This technique involves tapping the body quickly with two hands alternately, frequently on the back, buttocks, and thighs. The pressure is determined by your needs.

Tapping can be done by laying the hands side by side or cupped (so that just the tips of the fingers and the heel of the hand are in touch with the skin). This method is popular in sports therapy and works wonders to increase blood flow.