What Is the Cost to Professionally Clean a Restaurant Kitchen?

Clean a Restaurant Kitchen

If you own a restaurant, you probably know how difficult it is to keep the kitchen clean all the time. Even if you have staff who conducts a thorough cleaning job at closing time, you may still have to deal with dirt and grime build up in some parts of the kitchen.

Perhaps, this explains why most restaurant owners choose to hire professional restaurant cleaners to handle the cleaning part while they focus on serving their customers. Working with a professional restaurant cleaning service can save you a lot of time and money in the long run.

But the big question is, how much does it cost to hire a professional restaurant cleaning service to clean your kitchen?  Read this post to find out everything you need to know.

Restaurant Kitchen Cleaning Service Average Cost

In most cases, commercial kitchen cleaning rates are determined by a wide range of factors such as:

  • The overall size of the kitchen.
  • How dirty your kitchen is.
  • The last time since the last professional cleaning was done.
  • The type of appliances and specific areas that you want cleaned. 

Since the overall price is dependent on the mentioned factors, it isn’t easy to come across a restaurant cleaning company that will give you a quote without inspecting your kitchen.  In most cases, the inspection is a free service designed to provide you with a detailed proposal of what the cleaning company intends to do.

Generally, most restaurant kitchen cleaning experts charge their services on hourly rates. Rates usually range from $40 to $150/hour, depending on your kitchen’s overall state and the number of crew members involved in the process.

For instance, a two-person cleaning crew will cost much less than a 7-person cleaning crew because they will take more hours to get the job done. 

If you want to look it the other way, the standard kitchen cleaning rates usually range between $20 and $30 per crew member per hour.  You may be forced to spend a little bit more if your kitchen is too dirty. 

Why Choose a Professional Restaurant Kitchen Cleaning Service?

You must keep in mind that commercial cleaning services or kitchen cleaning services are absolutely necessary for the health and safety of your customers.

Therefore, as a restaurant owner, you must know that every square inch of your entire restaurant needs to be kept clean. Kitchen cleanliness is especially important because that is where the food is prepared.

Restaurant cleaning experts know how to clean the kitchen and all related spaces effectively. They use the right cleaning products and equipment to ensure your kitchen is sparkling clean.

They will take time to assess your needs and find out which areas need a thorough cleaning.  The cleaners will be on your business premises on time and complete the job as expected.

Professional cleaners are also insured against unexpected disasters that may happen while they are at work. This provides you with peace of mind since the insurance company will take liability should the unexpected happen.